• “Alyce Brodoff is truly an amazing vocal teacher and coach. She guided and nurtured my vocal career from a 15 year-old singing novice to an experienced professional vocalist. Not only will Alyce expand your vocal range to it's fullest potential, but she will teach you all vocal stylings from jazz to pop, classical to musical theater, country to rock 'n' roll. She has the ability to inspire all levels of vocal ability with her positive, upbeat, unique and effective teaching technique.”

    Trisha Rapier
    New York Broadway Actor
  • “Alyce Brodoff is more than a vocal coach-- She's an inspiration! Her masterful technical skills and sonar-like ear paired with her warm, genuine personality make her a force to be reckoned with. I began studying with Alyce at sixteen. In the years we worked together, I was able to tackle college music program auditions with ease, make my first demo in the studio and really explore what "my" sound was going to be. I'm now a professional vocal coach and singer/songwriter. Alyce's positive influence had much to do with this. In a difficult to navigate industry like music, it's so important to surround yourself with smart, quality mentors who want the best for you and will do whatever they can to support your goals. Alyce Brodoff is who you want on your team.”

    Heather Pierce
    Vox + Music & Karmacoda Frontwoman
  • “I have had the honor of both knowing and working with Alyce Brodoff since 1985 and truly believe she is an angel in disguise. She has the kind of teaching skills that resonate deeply with vocal students of all ages, and a personal passion to magically guide them to find their own voices in a very noisy world. I cannot recommend any vocal instructor more highly than Alyce Brodoff for any voice that would like to be heard.”

    Katherine Dines
    Family Performing & Recording Artist,
  • “While I had sung in every band I'd ever been in, not until working with Alyce did I understand how the voice works as an instrument, proper breathing and resonance, and how to sing in tune even when you can't hear yourself onstage. By providing these foundational tools, Alyce helped instill in me the confidence to eventually become a singer/songwriter, and for that I'll always be grateful.”

    Phil Vandermost

A Few Words About Alyce

Alyce Brodoff, a voice teacher for more than 30 years, has been instrumental in helping hundreds of professional and aspiring singers of all ages and levels improve their vocal techniques and performance capabilities in all styles of music including ROCK, POP, BROADWAY, COUNTRY, R&B, PUNK, HIP HOP, JAZZ AND WORLD MUSIC.

A pioneer in the development of basic fundamentals of singing and breathing techniques for belt singers as well as those who desire the finest control for phrasing in the softest of volumes, Alyce blends both her technical expertise and artistic knowledge in an honest, fun, constructive and highly personalized manner designed to help to help vocalists reach their fullest potential. Alyce fosters in every student the ability to cultivate self-sufficiency while gaining and maintaining artistry, control, optimal vocal health and confidence.

A master teacher and accomplished vocalist, Alyce brings deep knowledge and personal appreciation for the art to all her students who not only continue to seek her vocal advice but also her professional wisdom during the course of their lives and careers.

Alyce takes into account the complete individual when teaching and tailors her instruction to the unique needs of each student, including personally designed vocal exercises. This sort of heightened attention in a safe and supportive environment is what distinguishes Alyce as a leader in her field and makes her a highly sought after and beloved voice teacher.

In addition to her work with singers, Alyce coaches public speakers, voice-over artists, corporate executives, litigators, educators, clergy and the occasional politician.

A lifelong volunteer, Alyce has sat on numerous Boards of Directors, Commissions and Committees dedicated to the health and welfare of children, the arts, community building and human rights. Presently, she serves on the Orange County Community Advisory Board for The National Children's Study, The Special Needs Commission for JFS, The Juicing of Orange County's committee for the Angeles Chapter of The Sierra Club and the Executive Board of her Home Owner's Association.

Alyce lives with her husband, son and two cats in East Bay, California.

Professional Credentials

Honors graduate, University of Denver, Bachelor of Arts, 1981

Elwood Murray Award, University of Denver, 1981

Lamont School of Music, University of Denver. Studied private voice and performance with Dr. Roger Fee starting at age 16 and developed methods for teaching rock and other forms of belt singing concurrently. Continued private vocal study with Dr. Fee through graduation from college.

Began teaching voice privately at age 17.

Additional vocal study with Dr. Barbara Sable, University of Colorado

Performed in musicals and select choirs, sang contemporary styles of music elementary school through college, fronted two bands and pursued her greatest passion, teaching voice, exclusively by the early 1980's.