• “ I would recommend lessons with Alyce to anyone and everyone interested in expressing themselves vocally, regardless of age or experience. She broadens her students' understanding of their voices on a fundamental level, treating the vocal chords not merely as internal organs that make sound, but as the highly specialized instruments that they truly are. That being said, her ability to craft adaptive and individualized lesson plans is uncanny. In line with that philosophy, Alyce helps you to discover your own voice, and equips you with tools that allow you to be the artist you want to be. The overarching goal isn't overnight ability, but her lesson plans do facilitate rapid growth, and willing students will quickly uncover the artist inside that's been waiting to come out.”

    Paul Olsen
  • “ I came to Alyce for vocal lessons but the lessons I learned went way beyond just singing. Alyce's precise knowledge of vocal technique, her broad understanding of acting and musical styles, and her thoughtful evaluation and nurturing of me taught me to be a 'whole artist.' With Alyce, I'm able to give more full and richly textured performances than ever before. She is more than just a singing teacher she is a true mentor and I'm so fortunate to have found her.”

    Kimmy Maguire
  • “ My son, now 15, has taken singing lessons with Alyce for the past 2 years. He is always eager to see her and bounces out of every session with her like he has springs on his feet. This could seem like a simple thing, but it's not. You see, he has learning disabilities, anxiety and ADHD. He's constantly afraid of being judged or failing. Yet, when he has a session with Alyce, he's able to be himself, let his soul shine and rejoice in his abilities, rather than be oppressed by his disabilities. Who wouldn't want a teacher like Alyce? Alyce is beyond fabulous!”

    Judy B.
  • “Studying with Alyce was one of the best decisions of my life! I didn't know if I had the chops to sing on a Professional level, and it wasn't an easy road to get there, but I couldn't have imagined going down that road with anyone but Alyce as my guide! Every step of the way she was there encouraging me, pushing me to my limits but not beyond. She is truly a gifted teacher of voice, and to her credit, individual voices. I was working on an upcoming audition for Cirque du Soleil, and there were new techniques I needed to learn to to perform certain portions of the music. Alyce took the time to incorporate lesson plans specifically for my voice. I credit my vocal foundations to her, wouldn't have come this far without her, and although years have passed since my last voice lesson, I still to this day use the same vocal warm-ups she made for me so many years ago and still love them! Studying with Alyce was not just taking a course in singing, it was the gift of her sharing the love and knowledge of singing, her individual care, her compassion, her friendship, her inspiration and her passion and love for music!”

    Diane Jessurun
  • “Alyce has an intense and deep understanding of not only how the voice works, but how to bring out the best in yours. The time I spent studying with Alyce was crucial to my success in not only finding my own voice, but discovering even more about myself as a person.”

    Brittany McDonald
  • “BEST of the BEST! After sorting through unreliable videos and over-priced vocal coaches, I was lucky to find the wonderful Alyce! She's professional, fun, reliable, very experienced, and knows how to make anyone's voice their own! I was amazed with how much I've improved in my singing ability! She definitely knows how to bring out the natural artist in you! I'd recommend Alyce to anyone AND everyone who is an aspiring singer!”

    Kara Pang
  • “Alyce really helped me in improving my voice. I only had a short time to prepare for a very important audition for the highest level choir at my school. Alyce brought out the best in me in only a couple of lessons, and she truly knew what she was doing and dedicated her time to helping me individually. What surprised me more is that she personalized the lesson to fit me, even saying that she had been thinking of ways to fix my voice discrepancies in between lessons. She truly took my voice to a new level and because of her I made it into the highest level choir available at my high school. Even my choir teacher noticed a dramatic difference. Thank you Alyce and I look forward to continuing with lessons with you!”

    Kendra Ritterhern
  • “Alyce Brodoff is an incomparable vocal instructor with a true gift for identifying and developing an artist's talent. During my time working with her, I did more than just expand my skill as a singer. She also introduced me to a whole new world of music theory, strategy and technique. She is a true master.”

    Jonathan Hahn
  • “I studied voice with Alyce for 5 years and looked forward to every session! Alyce is an exceptional teacher and has a real gift for making everyone feel relaxed and welcome. Her innovative techniques are easy to learn and produce impressive results. She helped me to improve my vocal capabilities beyond where I thought it possible to go. But perhaps even more important, she provided me with a tremendously safe and supportive environment, giving me the confidence I needed to explore and grow. ”

    Cassandra Holmes
  • “I've been blessed in finding Alyce Brodoff because a great voice coach isn't easy to find. In the mid 1940's, I studied in New York with a retired metropolitan opera singer, but my voice hurt after every performance. When I decided to return to singing in my late 70's, Alyce was highly recommended and since that time, I have never experienced pain after singing and feel in control of my voice. Best of all, I use the warm up exercises Alyce made for me every morning, so she's with me 7 days a week! I will always be grateful to Alyce.”

    Alan Mark David
    Singer/Music Historian, 84 years-young